How to Prepare for Hesi Exit Exam?

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Published: 07th January 2011
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What Is HESI Test or HESI Exam?

HESI (Health Education Systems Inc) is located in Houston, Texas. HESI provides customized and standardized tests for nursing schools/colleges. The HESI exit exam helps nursing students to be prepared and successful on the National Council of Licensing Examination for the Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

Around the United State, the HESI exit exam is administered in some nursing schools. Usually, it is given at the end of a nursing program and it is imperative in some schools that the nursing students pass it in order to graduate and sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. The pressure to pass this exam, so as to graduate is a source of stress for nursing students.

How many times HESI Exam Taken?

The HESI nursing exam is normally taken several times throughout the nursing program, normally depend on the college/university rules. The first test is taken by sophomores in order to gain acceptance into the college of nursing. The second test is taken as a part of a clinical course, during the junior year. The last HESI exit exam is taken prior to graduation.

What Score is needed for Passing?

However there are a few differences in the passing criteria, but the HESI exam needs to be passed all three times. In order to pass the first test, 80 percent or above must be scored. On the second and final test also requires a certain amount of points to be scored, however this test allows for three attempts to pass.
What the study?
You should know very well what to study for the exam. You should buy or borrow the HESI comprehensive NCLEX-RN review book. To find out what topics that will be the focus of the HESI exit exam. Now, go through the HESI book itself and take note of topics needed for the HESI exit exam that are not in the book.
Make a learning schedule:
To do this, determine what chapters you need to study from the HESI book and the other books you have. You give yourself a time period during which you will do all your studying. Create a learning schedule for all your chapters.
Test yourself:
Practice answering those questions as often as possible, and read the reviews and rationales of all the questions you got wrong.
Create a study strategy:
Create a study strategy for yourself that includes, extra studying of topics that will increase your chances of passing. is the best online source to make a strategy of your HESI exit Exam.

Resource Box:
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